Every Body Massage was founded in October 2016 by Connie Gress.  After 14 years working for others, she realized the immense creative freedom she had working for herself, so she decided to build a like-minded and diverse team of massage professionals.  Skincare services were added in 2019. We have experience in salons, spas, gyms, hotels and medical offices.  Whatever your needs, we have a Massage Therapist/Skin Professional who can work with/for you.

CONNIE GRESS, Owner, Massage Therapist (she/her)

Relaxation is the basis of my practice and is infused into every massage I do, whether you want a light, soothing touch, or require something firmer to help alleviate muscle tension.  If you would like very deep tissue or more aggressive massage, I would love to refer you to one of my coworkers!  Licensed since 2002.  

Hours:  Wednesday-Saturday

ALMA, Massage Therapist (she/her)

My passion is to help heal people inside and out. I believe self-care is a MUST in today’s busy world. Regular bodywork can be a key to living up to your fullest potential.  My massages include hot towels, stretching, relaxation, deep pressure points, finding trigger points, facial and scalp massage. Amount of pressure and any areas on the body that may need more attention will be discussed before the massage, so that I may specifically customize each massage to every client’s needs. Hope to work with you soon! Licensed since 2013.

Hours:  Monday 9am-4pm

ANA, Massage Therapist (she/her)

The basis of my massage is wellness and relaxation. I want to cater to the client’s muscle aches and pains but also want the client to get off of the table feeling light as a feather. I also enjoy doing add ons such as hot stone or aromatherapy to add to your wellness and relaxation needs. I specialize in injuries as well.  Licensed since 2012.

Hours:  Monday 4-9pm | Tuesday 10am-9pm | Thursday 2-9pm

ANNE, Massage Therapist (she/her)

Licensed since 2005.

Hours:  Monday 9am-3pm | Wednesday/Friday-alt Sunday 9am-2pm

BRIDGET, Massage Therapist (she/they)

Licensed since 2010.

Hours:  available when in St. Louis

CANDICE, Massage Therapist (she/they)

I am very intuitive and really love what I do.  My clients also love what I do! I listen to your needs and am truly focused on what's best for your body and mind. I have great knowledge of the human body and use a variety of modalities from deep tissue to Myofascial. I've worked in a chiropractic office, physical therapist office, spas, clinics and massage studios. Licensed since 2011.

Hours:  Tuesday-Friday 3-8pm | Saturday 2-7pm | Sunday 2-6pm

DAVID, Massage Therapist (he/him)

Stress, tension, and extra energy have a way of crystalizing in our bodies.  We need to take time to prevent our bodies from continuing to harbor these stresses and the extra energy that we accumulate in our lives. Which is where I come in.  I target extra energy.  I target stress, tension, and disrupted breathing patterns. My tools are many. Trainings in Lomi-Lomi, Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, MyoFascial Release, Ultimate Facelift Massage, Reflexology, and energy work including Reiki and sound healing make their way into my everyday massage practice.  I also see clients for other services at my own centrally located St. Louis studio.  Licensed since 2019. 

Hours:  Tuesday/Thursday 7-9:30pm | alt Sunday 9:30am-2:30pm

DONNA, Esthetician (she/her)

As a Master Esthetician, I have 20+ years’ experience in skincare and waxing services. As a practitioner in an industry that is so very personal, I feel that listening to clients' specific concerns is key to creating trust and developing an effective treatment plan. By understanding clients, I am able to provide them targeted treatments, product knowledge and tools to help them reach their goals. Licensed since 2004.

Hours:  Tuesday 10am-2pm | Wednesday-Friday 12-6pm | Saturday 9am-4pm

ED, Massage Therapist (he/him)
My massages are a therapeutic blend implementing a variety of tools: Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Sports, Thai and Swedish, incorporating stretching throughout. I meet each client with the intention of building a partnership for restoring and maintaining better health. I am available for Prenatal Massages for all trimesters and even induction acupressure upon request.  Licensed since 2013.  https://www.facebook.com/EssentialHarmonyBodywork

Hours:  Tuesday/Wednesday 2-9pm | alt Saturday 12-5pm

FRED, Massage Therapist (he/him)

Licensed since 2016.

Hours:  alt Thursday 9am-2pm

JANICE, Massage Therapist (she/her)

I have been practicing massage for 20 years and love sharing my experience with my clients. My focus is generally on healing, relaxation, and pain relief.  Communication is very important to me and I use an eclectic mix of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Table Thai, Lomi Lomi, and assisted stretching, tailored to meet each client's specific needs.  Licensed since 2001.

Hours:  Monday 2-9pm | Tuesday/Saturday 9am-2pm | Friday 10am-2pm

JULIE, Massage Therapist (she/her)

I’ve been a licensed massage therapist for 20 years and I specialize in intuitive relaxation massage customized to your needs. Previously,

I’ve worked as a lead therapist where I was responsible for training others. My hobbies include writing and filmmaking. I’m the mom of five furbabies and work hard so they can have a better life.  Licensed since 2001.

Hours:  Monday 3-9pm | Wednesday 10am-5pm | Thursday 10am-3pm | Sunday 12-6pm

KATIE L., Massage Therapist (she/her)

With years of experience, I can provide a touch from soothing to very firm.  I consider my specialty to be massage for pain relief, whether it is caused by a sports- or work-related injury or a migraine headache.  I also have additional training in Reiki.  Licensed since 2005.

Hours:  Monday 12-4:30pm | Wednesday-Friday 12-6pm | alt Saturday 2-7pm

KATIE W., Massage Therapist/Esthetician (she/her)

Dual licensed since 2020.

Hours:  Tuesday/Wednesday 2-8pm | Thursday 10am-12pm

KIRA, Massage Therapist (she/her)

Licensed since 2019.

Hours: Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 2-9p | Saturday/Sunday 9a-2p

KRISTIN, Massage Therapist (she/her)

Please contact directly for an appointment by going here or calling/texting (314) 226-7394.

LIZZY, Massage Therapist (she/her)

My philosophy when it comes to massaging is, we are more than just our bodies. I view massage as something that helps both our physical and mental well-being. I believe in trauma-informed care to help every walk of life find peace within. Energy work is my passion, and I love incorporating it into every massage. I would be honored to work with you on your path to a more in-tune you!  Licensed since 2019.

Hours:  Monday-Friday 1-9pm

MARLON, Esthetician (xe/xim)

Licensed since 2019.

Hours:  Sunday/Monday 12-6pm | Wednesday/Friday 10am-1pm

SARINA, Massage Therapist/Cosmetologist (she/her)

Licensed MT since 2012/Cosmetologist since 2007.

Hours:  Tuesday 12-6pm | Thursday 3-9pm | alt Saturday 2-7pm