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  1. You bring nothing but yourself to your service. 

  2. Use the restroom ahead of time.

  3. Set cell phone to silent/vibrate or turn off.

  4. Remove all jewelry around wrists and neck (rings and earrings are usually fine).

  5. Just relax and breathe.  We'll do all the work.

  6. You will be completely undressed (underwear is optional) during a massage, but you will be under a sheet and blanket; draping is legally required.  We will only undrape the part that needs to be worked, e.g., back, leg, foot, and then redrape.

  7. It is important that you communicate if you have any discomfort, if the pressure of the massage needs to be adjusted, or if anything feels particularly great.

  8. You are the boss.  You are in charge.  We work for you.

  9. If you are looking for an "erotic" or other inappropriate-type massage, you are going to be deeply disappointed, and you will be asked to pay and leave.

Weight capacity for our massage tables: 

     Static weight 800 lbs.

     Lifting weight capacity varies by table from 350 to 600 lbs.

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